Series III

The third series of the single seat Lazair introduced customer requested upgrades, such as:

  • landing gear widened to 46 inches
  • jury struts for increased negative G tolerance
  • conventional floor-mounted control stick
  • toe brakes

Series 3 with wider gear, bottom mounted control stick, jury struts, castoring tail wheels, and rotax 185 engines

Power on the Series III is still provided by two 9.5 horsepower Rotax 185 engines with the option of a pair of KFM 25 hp or JPX PUL 425 26 hp  engines. The larger engines were primarily used on the two place Lazair II (not to be confused with the series 2). However, when used on the series 3, they proved to be huge climbers, but in general really weren’t needed. Increased cruise speed wasn’t really an option as the Lazair has a lower VNE.

Lazair series 2 with series 3 upgrades (wider gear, jury struts)


Modified Lazair Series 3 with floats, painted aluminum, and belt reduction drive on the rotax 185 engines


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