The new buzz these days on the Lazair front involves the huge accomplishment of Dale Kramer and his Electric powered Lazair. “Having designed the Lazair 30 years ago, Kramer was heavily involved in the burgeoning ultralight movement, and over 1,200 of the twin-engined craft were built.  Today, he’s taking a lead in creating a low-cost ultralight electric flyer, topping the considerable accomplishment with a true world first – a twin-motored ultralight electric amphibian.” see Worlds First Electric Amphibian. He’s made debuts at Oshkosh and other shows and has proven a point once again! More recently he made a somewhat hidden announcement on the rcgroups.com forums. The following was message #494

“Well, after another trip across the country and back in my RV8 to visit JOBY and others in the San Francisco area, I have convinced myself that I will have a continuing supply of EIG cells and motors at a reasonable cost.

Now on to the next order of business and that is to finance the startup of this new venture.

I have done enough costing analysis to determine that the target price of a complete eLazair kit (less batteries) will be about $20,000 and a fully assembled eLazair will be about $25,000 plus batteries.

Battery pricing will be $5-6,000 for packs with about 1 hour of flight endurance and with at least 1,000 flight hours of cycle life.

So, if you want to own a new eLazair with a coveted low serial number (serial #E0001 and up are now available), you can send a deposit of $5,000 to be held in escrow until your eLazair ships.

And/0r, if you would be interested in investing money in this new venture we can talk about that too.

Either way, just Private Message me or contact me at kci at vaxxine dot com.”

-Dale Kramer

Dale Kramers eLazair with good ole' fashion land wheels



Electric Lazair at a chilly altitude. EagleTree motor monitors are on a piece of wood from Glenn Curtiss’ home.

He uses a pair of Joby JM1 motors, monitored by Eagle Tree instuments mounted to a piece of wood that was part of Kramer’s house in Hammondsport, New York.

Kramer’s Lazair with battery hatches open, charging stations in operation


Dale Kramer bringing the amphibian back from some ridge soaring


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