Jeff’s Lazair Series II

As the author of this website, I claim my knowledge and Lazair experience from the Lazair Series II that I owned back in the late 90’s. I owned it as a teenager, and have nothing but positive things to say.

I have several photos of the airplane, unfortunately, all the good ones haven’t been uploaded. So all I have are the poor quality, or poorly taken versions 🙁

The author of this website, Jeff Erekson, purchased a Lazair Series 2 that was built the same year he was born (1983). He bought the plane when he was 15 and flew it during the late 90’s until he left for college at 18. He recalls it being the perfect “idiot proof” airplane for a beginning pilot, especially a gutsy one who did some dumb stuff periodically, even once flying it in 30 mph winds! The plane performed great, especially with a 135 lb teenager at the controls. Unfortunately, the person who later bought the plane in 2001 crashed it into a muddy field when trying to land and found the field too soft to allow the wheels to actually roll. The plane sunk into the mud and flipped. The pilot was fine, but the wings didn’t fair so well 🙁



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